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Dustin's Destiny + UFC 242 Fight Picks

"You wanna fucking fight? You wanna be a fighter? Let's fucking go! That's how you fucking fight. I'm the best in the fucking world!" Dustin Poirier screamed that out to the crowd in Atlanta from the top of the cage after his fight with Max Holloway. His hand had yet to be raised but there was no doubt in his mind. The same can be said of every fight the man has ever taken, he's never doubted himself, his abilities or his will to win over the course of 21 UFC fights. The same cannot be said for all of us.

I doubted Poirier against Joe Duffy as an immature fan who didn't understand the lunacy of MMA math. I doubted him against Bobby Green because I didn't think he had the power. I doubted him against Jim Miller because I trusted him against Michael Johnson and he'd let me down. I doubted him against Eddie Alvarez because I didn't think he could hang with championship caliber fighters, that his destiny would always be a high end gate keeper.

I stopped doubting him after that first Alvarez fight. It was called a no contest, but he certainly won a ton of fans that night showing insane grit and determination, landing 77 significant strikes on the recently deposed lightweight king, leaving him badly rocked and seemingly out on his feet multiple times. What struck me more though was when he grabbed the mic from Joe Rogan and admonished the Dallas crowd for booing his opponent, the man who ended the fight with an illegal blow telling them "Hey! Don't boo this man, this guy's a champion, he's fought all over the world, I got nothing but respect for this guy". Mind you, that was after Alvarez hit him with multiple illegal knees to the head.

Poirier has always been reverent of champions, in a sit down with Theo Vonn he spoke about what winning a belt would mean to him "I just want to say that I did it, I wanna have the UFC championship around my waist. You know all these years with my wife, struggling and taking food out of the grocery basket because we couldn't afford it and making ends meet and ya know sacrificing a lot. I just wanna say it was all worth it because once you become the world champion that's forever." Over the course of 21 UFC fights, Poirier watched a lot of people become champion, including a man who he beat soundly, and he saw what it did to improve their lives and the lives of their families and became singularly focused on that becoming his reality.

Dustin went about it the right way too. Following a 2014 clash with Conor McGregor, his first real run in with massive fight hype, the Louisiana natives biggest takeaway was that while you can't win a fight outside the cage, you can lose it. He attributes much of that 90 second loss at the hands of McGregor to letting the fans and the media get in his head, he felt pressure to talk smack and keep up with Conor's verbal sparring. Following that fight Poirier reverted back to his humble self, a fighter looking to win fights and win world titles. He has gone 9-1 since and you'd be hard pressed to find a sound bite of Dustin disrespecting an opponent. Instead he has sought out the toughest competition in the world to test himself against, while climbing the ladder to his goals. You never hear Poirier complaining about the fact that it took the UFC nearly two dozen fights to even let him compete for gold, if anything it seems like he appreciates just how precious the UFC has made it for him. "I just never quit, I never lost focus, no matter what happened, whenever the belt was gonna be on the line, I was gonna win it."

That belt is on the line again, this time with a shot to become the undisputed champion, the last roadblock between destiny and that nagging voice in the back of some fans minds that question the validity of an interim title. UFC 242 marks the biggest fight of Dustin's life, against arguably his toughest opponent. On this weeks Believe You Me, Luis spoke about the effect your life experiences have and how some of your low points are vital to who you are a person today. Dustin Poirier exemplifies that. Without his loss to Conor he might still be trying to impress with one liners instead of one-two's, without the loss to Korean Zombie he may not have joined a world class gym like American Top Team, without the loss to Michael Johnson he might still be over sparring rather than training to be "defensively responsible" as he calls it. It took all of those losses, all 21 fights in the UFC thus far have made him the champion he is today.

Make no mistake about it folks, Poirier not only carries a belt with him to the octagon, but the mindset of a champion, the knowledge that he's the baddest guy in the room, not matter what the room is, and he doesn't have to prove himself to anybody. He is taking a fight against an undefeated Russian monster, in hostile territory, in an arena many feel he wont get a fair shake, doubted and looked past by many. Yet he is preparing as though winning is a foregone conclusion. Dustin Poirier has already achieved his goal of becoming a world champion, Dustin's destiny, should he be able to rise to the occasion, is to become a legend, an all timer and a shoe in hall of famer. He can do all that with a win in Abu Dhabi this weekend. Do you doubt him?

Fight Picks

Bisping Starting Salary 150 BYM Coin

Dustin Poirier 145 TW 551 (+380 @Bet365)

Luis Starting Salary 200 BYM Coin

No Official Picks

Harrington Starting Salary 493.96 BYM Coin

Shamil Abdurakhimov 71.43 TW 300 (+420 @5Dimes)

Dustin Poirier To Win 75 TW 266.25 (+355 @5Dimes)

Poirier Wins in Round 1 20 TW 300 (+1500 @5Dimes)

Poirier Wins in Round 3 20 TW 400 (+2000 @Be365)

Porier Wins in Round 5 20 TW 660 (+3300 @William Hill)

Poirier Wins by Submission 20 TW 400 (+2000 @InterTops)

Porier vs Khabib is a Draw 20 TW 1700 (+8500 @ 5Dimes)

Parlay: Omari Akhmedov, Islam Makhachev, Paul Felder, Khabib 150 TW 860.90 (@5Dimes)

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