Episode 209 -

Told Ya So

Ft. Jason Parillo, Brett Okamoto,

Sam Alvey and Laura Sanko

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and Comedian Luis J Gomez discuss how the quarantine is effecting their daily lives, the people who don't have that option, Governor Gavin Newsom saying that half the state of California will get Covid-19, what life is like on the ground in New York for Luis, and the guys breakdown how they would deal with a Marshall Law scenario before getting a call from Jason Parillo, to discuss how the guns went faster then the toilet paper around him, how he is currently dealing with a respiratory illness and he is still living his life and the insanity of Idris Elba's Covid-19 announcement, then he hangs up and the boys discuss the college kids being defiant on spring break, then Brett Okamoto calls in to talk possible UFC 249 locations, who will be on the card and how Bisping has changed Bretts drinking, next up Sam Alvey calls in to discuss his fight with Khalil Rountree being postponed, how he got the news and how he's dealing with quarantine with 5 kids, then right on his heels Laura Sanko calls in to discuss life on the farm, why she's not worried for her own safety, and her own theory on the logistics of UFC 249, plus Bisping being slandered by MMA Mania and so much more! Follow the whole show: @Bisping, @LuisJGomez, @BYMPod, @GasDigital, @TheMHarrington, @BMacKayIsRight

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Told Ya So Ft. Jason Parillo, Brett Okamoto, Sam Alvey and Laura SankoBelive You Me
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